Quotes, hymns, Bible verses, fonts, calligraphy, doodling…. Are all things I’ve always loved. I never knew I could paint, though. In fact, my high school art teacher passed me in Art 11 out of sympathy, and suggested I try drama instead!

My name is Leanne, and Because (I think) I Can Designs is my 4th baby.

All my signs have been created by me… My husband cuts the wood ( I could never trust myself with a saw! Electric sanders and drills are good enough for me!). I do all the creating and paint all my products by hand. No vinyl or stencils have been used.  I try to create and paint whatever is on my heart. There have been many times someone has come to me and said “you painted that at just the right time. I need that”.

My customers have touched my heart in countless ways. Besides the fact that they are all awesome, I have had the opportunity to paint for weddings, newborns, new families, blended families, unborn children, children and adults taken from us too soon, children with disabilities, heartaches, new businesses, girl power… The list goes on. I have cheered with them, and I have cried with them. What an incredible experience this had been. The support has also allowed me to work from home, and to be a stay at home mom to our three children. I’m a mom during the day, and as soon as they are all in bed, the paints come out! I am sincerely grateful for this.

**It is now almost 2016 and our life is in transition.  I am finishing up school and looking to go back to work, so I am sorry to say I am not able to accept custom orders for awhile. **

Thank you so much for visiting my shop and reading my story.

❤️ Leanne.
Because (I Think) I Can Designs










She believed she could, so she did.or contact me through this form:

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