You Are Loved Always

Happy 2016!!

We had a wonderful and busy, but strangely relaxing Christmas Season this year.  Our kids are getting older and their experience and wide-eyed wonder at Christmas time just gets sweeter and more memorable.  It’s not so out of control anymore.  And when greed does arise, they are at ages that they can be gently reminded of their blessings and what the season is really about.

It felt good too to be off of Social Media for the month.  It gave me time to focus on the lives around me, and to catch up on home duties after 12 weeks of school.  It also gave me time to reflect on my priorities with my current career search.  Graduating with the Bookkeeping for Small Business Certificate from UFV has gotten me all eager to find a rewarding Bookkeeper and/or office position.  What this means for Because (I Think) I Can Designs, I’m not sure yet.  I will take it all one day at a time.

Over the break, I had the privilege of donating quite a few signs to fundraisers of causes close to my heart.  Some for families fighting cancer, and some for my children’s schools.  Including the one pictured here, a new personal favorite of mine.  🙂  You are loved always.  Hand written, hand painted, hand built – even the frame! –  by me.

So now in the new year, I have a queue of promises for custom signs, and I will be accomplishing these one at a time.  If you are on my list, I will be in touch over the next couple of weeks.  But on that note, I won’t be able to make any new promises for custom orders, until I’ve landed myself a job, and I can take timing into consideration.

I hope you love this sign as much as I do, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you all a fantastic 2016!

❤ Leanne

hand written, hand painted, hand built, with wood frame, wood sign, you are loved always



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