Update on life as mom, artist AND student

So, as I look back on the website posts, I see I missed some information here.  I try to keep Facebook and Instagram as updated as possible, but it’s hard to find the time to post here.  So here’s some updates for those of you who don’t follow me on Social Media!

Posted: September 15th:

Well, my friends, this is the reason for my transitions with my painting. … I am back in school!!! This is a photo of me last night, all optimistic before settling down to (3 hours) of homework!  My head hurts today, but I am excited. I am getting my certificate in bookkeeping! BUT,  I’m not hanging up my paint brushes!  By the new year I would love to have a part time job, and still do my art part time. During School I still hope to paint and create as much as possible, it’ll just be at a slower scale! Wish me luck, I’ll need it!!


Posted: September 17th:

Have I shown you this yet? My hand painted designs of Some Beach Somewhere, on a pencil case.  Perfect for back to school ! 😊. This is me waiting for class to start yesterday. 😊. Seriously, this case holds tons without being too big. I like to be prepared, so it has a calculator and way too many highlighters, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, sticky notes and more. But during the summer I used it for my cell phone and lipstick, so I could find them in my over sized purses. 😊💄. Find it and more in my ‪‎redbubble‬ shop.


Posted: September 23rd:

Maybe I’ll be okay at this bookkeeping thing.  (Update, I am 1 1/2 weeks to be done and graduating with a bookkeeping certificate from UVF.  Looking forward to being done… and still passing with an A+ in all classes 🙂  )


Posted: October 8th:

I’m not getting much painting time done, but… Painting time is bonding time!

Oct painting time.jpg

Posted: October 11th:

A beautiful, beautiful Thanksgiving.  And a little time for doodling.

Posted: Oct 8th:

This fall, my society6 shop announced NEW both travel mugs and blankets!  I immediately got these 2 designs up for the travel mugs.. cuz I’ve been wanting them for myself of course 🙂

Posted: Oct 31st:

Because I’m pretty sure I have the cutest kids ever 😉  … Halloween, by Princess Anna, Hermione Granger, and my favorite zombie.

Oct Halloween


Posted: Nov 2nd:

A big day for our family:

So, yesterday was a big day for our family, quite a milestone, and I hope my kids remember this time … It was my father-in-law’s last Sunday as a preacher, before his retirement. How this affects us? Well, he had been the pastor of our parish since I met my husband, for the past 18 years. We have been so blessed by him. He married my husband and I, along with my home church pastor. He baptized all 3 of our babies. Every other week he gives us communion and puts a blessing on our children’s heads. Yesterday was his last communion to us, and that’s when it really hit me, what an incredible thing it is that my children have that, grandpa’s hand on their heads, receiving God’s blessing. How not to get emotional over that?! The Bible verse was the beatitudes from Matthew, which has always been a favorite of mine, and 3 children we adore became adult members of the church by confessing their commitment to God. … My father in law was honoured at a retirement dinner a few weeks ago, but you can imagine after 18 years of service he’s become quite attached. Everything ended in smiles, tears and cheers. My children are disappointed that it won’t be Grandpa up there anymore (telling stories of them, their cousins and of their father when he was young ), and I am so glad they have these memories.

Posted: Nov 3rd:

Wake up and be awesome ! my new favourite @becauseithinkicandesigns travel mug from my shop at Society6, reminding me day long to step it up. I’m enjoying school, and I’m doing well, but I’m struggling with the fact that I have NO time for painting… This is my favourite time of year to paint, with Thanksgiving and Christmas on my mind, but school occupies more of my time than I imagined it would. Hubby reminds me: soon… You will be painting again soon… For those of you who aren’t sure what’s going on, I am back in school to get my certificate in bookkeeping. I will be done in December, and it is my hope and plan to find a part time bookkeeping job for the new year. And then I can get back to painting part time. And I can’t wait. I look forward to using my head at work and my heart in my studio. . Instead of just my head like right now. Because my head is tired and my heart is eager to get back to creating.

nov at school.jpg

Posted: Nov 4th:

Can today be a school pajama day, please??!! Or maybe a “it’s ok, stay home and go to bed all day” day. That would be nice. I’ve put on my big girl clothes and I’m ready but not so ready to go… I’m wearing my “bea{u}tiful” hand written and hand painted shirt today. Super comfy, I might transition it into a pj top soon, so today I’m secretly pretending I’m wearing pjs anyways. . This shirt is from my  redbubble shop.

nov beautiful

Posted: Nov 10th:

Finally, time for some wood sign painting.

nov painting.jpg

Posted: Nov 13th:

This kid. “I love showing off my mommy’s work”, wearing her ‪#‎fearfullyandwonderfullymade‬ ‪#‎becauseithinkicandesigns‬ ‪#‎tshirtdesign‬ She has been quite sick with a cold the last few days, and stayed home from school yesterday. But there’s a few challenges with prizes going on in her classroom right now, and she is way too competitive to miss out. She was NOT going to miss out on today. Love this kid.  Shirt from my redbubble shop.

nov anna.jpg

And also now available in my redbubble shop, designed specifically for this handsome dude, “EPIC”

nov jordan.JPG

Posted: Nov 14th:

Yes. I have loads of homework tonight. But after spending the morning at @theoldefarmhouse , I was too inspired. Spending the evening in my pjs painting and watching a cheesy W channel movie was a much nicer way to spend a Saturday evening.

nov home is wherever

Posted: Nov 19th:

Between chaos, colds, exams, and crazy weather, my husband and my dad managed to complete our front entrance project! The stairs have been built!! The springtime will bring on more details, as in staining, adding sides to close off the bottom, and one day we will build a roof over it and hopefully close in our carport. One step at a time. But I am so thrilled that after 12 years of living here, our home finally has some curb appeal! This project took longer than planned, but it was all a matter of finding the right people at the right time, and we are so pleased with the final result and that we were able to do it within our budget.

nov house collage.jpg


And Now….

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At this time of year there are ALWAYS new sales coming up in my Redbubble and my Society6 shops….  so much so that I don’t even always get to post it to Facebook/Instagram on time.  But I do my best!  If you want to purchase something, but want to wait for a sale, just send me a note, and I’ll make sure you get to know about the next one!  On the flip side, I’m not able to see who my customers are in these shops, so if you purchase something, let me know!  I’d love to know if it was you!  I still do a happy dance with every sale!  🙂

Wishing I was posting tons of Christmas signs right now, I do have a few favorites here that I will be posting to my etsy shop soon…. keep an eye out!

❤ Leanne






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